Elephant village Jaipur, a place full of wonderful experiences


Elephants love to eat! So, come along, bond with your elephant by feeding him or her. Get to know all about him or her on a one to one basis. We assure you will head back with memories worth a lifetime.


We all enjoy the bond of ‘touch’, as does the elephant. Explore his or her sensitive trunk, watch in awe as he or she lets you rub his or her chin. Coo and cajole your elephant, let him or her feel the bond.


Let the Elephant bond with the child within you! We all enjoy a little art, bond with the gentle beast by colouring him or her. Keeping the elephant's sensitive skin in mind, we only use natural colours.


What a better way to end but with a picnic! Enjoy your last few memorable moments with Elefuncity over a few bites and sips to refresh you to take back ample stories of this experience.